Miroslav Ševčík



Miroslav Ševčík, Marketing consultancy & new business development

Secrets of interpersonal communication has fascinated me since childhood. I have always been an avid consumer of media, whether it was books, newspapers and magazines, or film and television. At school, my hobby logically turned from consuming to producing, and I spent breaks between classes in the school radio studio. The Faculty of Mass Media Communication was the obvious choice for my higher education, where I formally graduated as an advertising and marketing professional. For ten years I have participated in a great adventure of the digitization of content and its distribution to the consumer.

Now-a-days a major challenge is to follow any business model into a whole new level of the digital jungle and lead them safely, and not to get lost. In Jennings Prague, we are happy to help you with this challenge. In my role as Business Development Manager, I will guide you through the whole process of our cooperation. Our 'Concept to Reality' studio allows us to meet your marketing needs, from marketing strategy creation, through its implementation, to the manufacturing and distribution of marketing materials themselves. From large format graphics to direct mail or Facebook campaigns, we'll cover everything.


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