Andrea Singer



Andrea Singer, Consultant Design Director

“I am a founder member of the Jennings team and have worked with the company since its arrival in Prague in 2006. After studying at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, I completed my specialization in the digital graphics arts in Italy, the perfect iconic place to develop my design skills.

Working in Italy gave me the desire to combine my creative career with travel and so I worked at Jennings UK for some time, where I gained knowledge of the latest technologies in the digital graphic industry. This has been invaluable since joining Jennings, as in today’s fast moving, ever changing digital world, it is essential to have the latest technologies at your fingertips. Whilst formal training is critical in order to grow, almost more significant is the process of self-learning by experimenting, researching books and analyzing design projects.

To me good design is all about passion, dedication and knowledge. I always loved great content, witty ideas and beautiful layouts and it is the combination of these three elements that make design really strong. When I am working on projects for our clients or for myself, the feeling of inspiring someone else is absolutely unbeatable. Transforming my love for design into a career and sharing the joy of it, not only benefits me, but also those around me. Loving what we do is imperative. Being able to explain our decisions, suggest alternative approaches and be pragmatic when we don’t “win,” is our fundamental approach. Design is all about passion and self-discipline and I believe that is what the Jennings design and artwork team do so well.”